Recent Changes in Firefighting Foams

(Dinner: 5:00 PM)
Nick's Roman Terrace
Westland Shopping Center
8051 W Broad St
Henrico, (Map)
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There have been some dramatic legislative changes regarding the use of firefighting foams. These changes are being driven by environmental concerns. I would like to meet with you and discuss the opportunity to present at one of your upcoming chapter meetings. The premise of the presentation that I would like to cover is as follows.

  • How did this all begin: USS Forrestal incident and the creation of AFFF
  • Understanding the different foam formulations: C8 - C6 - Fluorine Free
  • What do end users need to be concerned about: PFOS, PFAS, PFOA
  • US snap shot of firefighting foam regulations: Look at a few current State regulations and trends
  • Testing methodology for PFAS in local water supplies and foam concentrates: Measuring in PPB and PPT
  • Is Fluorine Free right for my application: End user must decide the fire risk and environmental risk
  • Will my current hardware work with Fluorine Free foam: There are 4 areas in the system to review
  • Not all Fluorine Free foams offer the same performance: Manufacturer formulations differ greatly
  • What is GreenScreen: How do I know the foam I purchase is environmentally safe
  • It is no longer the cost of extinguishing the fire, it is now the total fire cost?


Jon Walker

Regional Sales Manager

National Foam North East Region