Elevator Sprinklers and Detectors: Who Wants What, Where, and Why?

(Dinner: 5:00 PM)
6604 W Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia (Map)
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An exploration of the intersection of four codes and standards: The Elevator Code (ASME A17.1), the Building Code (IBC), NFPA 13, and NFPA 72, this presentation will go through the requirements of each as it relates to when to provide sprinklers and detection, and when to omit them, and go through the commentary to explain the reasoning behind the requirements. With four different codes and standards to coordinate, what could go wrong?! Joe has 10 years of experience in fire protection engineering, and has been involved in SFPE for much of that time. Prior to that he graduated from VCU with a degree in mechanical engineering at VCU and had no idea what fire protection engineering was. Joe enjoys playing music, golf, and overly-complicated board games.


Joe Rainey

Fire Protection Engineer

Moseley Architects Fire Protection