2015 IBC Chapter 7 “Fire and Smoke Protection Features” with current Virginia Amendments

(Dinner: 5:00 PM)
Nick's Roman Terrace
Westland Shopping Center
8051 W Broad St
Henrico, (Map)
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Topics: IBC Fire Ratings

Fire-resistance-rated construction is one form of fire protection in building design and is often referred to as “passive protection.” Fire-resistance-rated building elements provide “passive” resistance to the advance of fire, as opposed to “active” fire protection systems, such as automatic sprinkler systems, which actively attempt to suppress a fire. Chapter 7 provides detailed requirements for this “passive” approach. This presentation will explore how various elements are constructed and how openings and penetrations are protected.


Kenney Payne

Dean of Moseley University, Quality Control, Risk Management, and Training

Moseley Architects