SFPE Central Virginia Officers

Joe Rainey }

Joe Rainey, President

Joe is a fire protection engineer at Moseley Architects, an A/E firm providing comprehensive professional architectural, engineering, and interior design solutions for a wide variety of building and facility types. He provides fire protection systems design for facilities and is involved with the process from proposal through construction. Joe grew up in Richmond and studied Mechanical Engineering at VCU, and later earned his PE in fire protection in 2012.


Philip Pyron }

Philip Pyron, Vice President

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Laura Woody }

Laura Woody, Treasurer

Laura has been involved with the SFPE chapter for almost 30 years. She says the education and networking at SFPE chapter meetings has been significant in increasing her job effectiveness and advancing her career. She retired in June 2016 (but continues to be involved with SFPE) after 36 years with FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurance companies. She holds a professional engineer license in fire protection, which she credits SFPE with helping her obtain.

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Andrea Schumaker }

Andrea Schumaker, Secretary

Andrea has worked completed plan review and inspections for fire protection plans and building plans related to International Building Codes and Life Safety Codes in Maryland and Virginia. Career focus for 20 + years has been working in the highly protected risk (HPR) commercial property insurance industry. Experience includes plan review, witnessing field acceptance testing, risk assessment and analysis for industrial and commercial business operations.

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Brian Cohan }

Brian Cohan, Member at Large, Webmaster

Brian is a senior consultant working in nuclear fire protection at Appendix R Solutions. He works on fire probabilistic risk assessments for commercial plants and focuses on the detailed fire modeling aspect. In addition to performing the analyses for the plants, he develops and maintains the tools required to do the work. Brian graduated from the University of Maryland in 2008 and 2010 with bachelors and masters in Fire Protection Engineering and received his Professional Engineer (PE) credential in 2015.

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Bryan Powell }

Bryan Powell, Member at Large

Bryan is a senior loss prevention consultant for GAP Services and has been an active member in the Central Virginia Chapter of the SFPE since 1987. He received the designation “Certified Fire Protection Specialist” from the NFPA in 1995 and received his Professional Engineer (PE) credential in January 2004.